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E-3 Spouses (“E-3S” Status) must enter the United States with E-3S Designation to be eligible to work immediately upon entry. 

Spouses of E-3 visa holders with the E-3S designations are allowed to work in the United States by virtue of their status.  E-3 visas are nonimmigrant specialty occupation visas similar to H-1B visas available exclusively to citizens of Australia.  Even though the E-3 visa holder must be a citizen of Australia, their spouses are not […]

E-3 Visa for Embryologist

I just (September 2022) received an email from a client with the good news that the interview for her nonimmigrant E-3 visa went smoothly and has been APPROVED.  She will be entering the United States by October 1st and will be able to start working immediately.  The E-3 visas are approved for 2 year increments […]

Let’s Celebrate the Victories –

I have been practicing immigration law for over 30 years now.  I have always enjoyed this area of law because I get to help individuals achieve their goal of living in the United States. Over the last 30 years I have successfully navigated many clients through the U.S. immigration maze, I have had many successes […]

My first PERM Application (2015)

The first PERM Application I filed was in June 2015.  The Department of Labor had just set up the online PERM Application site and which one of my clients was going to be the guinea pig?  The client who finally insisted that I stop “waiting for more examples from others who had tried the new […]

LPR Status for Soccer Coach

I am happy to report that today (September 26, 2022) we received the Permanent Resident Card issued to a soccer coach.  We started this PERM case on August 10, 2020 when we filed the Prevailing Wage Determination Request.  (Yes, it took over 2 years).


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