EB-1 Visas for Professors, Researchers, and Executives

EB-1 Visas

First preference EB-1 Visas allow U.S. entry for foreign nationals who wish to become permanent residents and possess extraordinary abilities, or are outstanding professors and researchers, or multinational managers or executives. Attorney KahBo Dye-Chiew works directly with clients seeking EB-1 Visas during their immigration process.

Workers of extraordinary ability

According to the United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS), individuals with extraordinary abilities qualify for this category of EB-1 Visa automatically if they have received a Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer, Oscar, Olympic medal, or similar prestigious honor.

While no employment offer is necessary to qualify, as an alternative to such prominent awards, your lawyer must present evidence to show that you are one of the few who have risen to the top of your field by providing evidence that would show the following:

  • Lesser national or international awards
  • Membership in an association characterized by its members’ high achievements
  • Trade, professional, or mass media published material about your achievements
  • Experience serving as a judge of peers
  • Original scientific, artistic, academic, athletic, or business contributions of a significant nature
  • Author of publications in professional or trade media
  • Artistic displays, exhibitions or showcases of your work
  • Lead or major role in a renowned performing arts establishment or commercial venture
  • High salary in your field
  • Performing arts commercial success  

Outstanding professor or researcher

Professors or researchers must have three years of experience in their field and a purpose to pursue a comparable position at a higher learning institution or to acquire tenure. Although normally used by universities, this visa is also available if the researcher has an offer of employment from a private research entity so long as the employer meets certain criteria.

Your professional immigration lawyer must demonstrate that you have two of the following criteria in your field:

  • Major outstanding achievement prizes/awards
  • Membership in achievement-based associations
  • Publications by others about your work in professional media
  • Participation as a peer judge
  • Original research or academic contributions
  • Authorship of books or articles

International manager or executive

You must have the following to qualify:
  • There must exist a relationship between the U.S. company and a foreign company.
  • The employee must have been employed by the foreign company for at least one year in the three years immediately prior to the filing of the petition as a manager or executive.
  • The employee must be entering the United States to engage in executive or managerial duties as such terms are defined.
Also, see the International Executive/Manager Memorandum prepared by KahBo Dye-Chiew for more detailed information. The petitioning employer must be a U.S. employer doing business for at least one year as the same corporation, an affiliate, or other legal entity that provided your employment abroad. Immigration attorney KahBo Dye-Chiew can explain all of the requirements when you contact her.
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