New Development on Form I-94

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What is Form I-94?

When nonimmigrant aliens enter the United States, a Customs Boarder Patrol (CBP) official creates an Arrival/Departure Record (Form I-94) that contains information about the purpose of their visit, the date of entry and the exit date on which the person must leave the United States. Aliens must use an I-94 to show that the alien has continuously maintained their lawful status in the U.S. when extending stays or adjusting status.

What is the new change in I-94 forms?

Previously, nonimmigrants received a paper Form I-94, which they filled out and presented upon entry into the United States. Now the CBP is digitally automating the I-94 for use during entry by air or at sea ports. The CBP official creates a Form I-94 record as necessary for nonimmigrants entering the country using an electronic format. The CBP does not provide the immigrant with a hard copy. All nonimmigrants are encouraged to obtain a copy, which is available at In 2010, the CBP piloted the electronic Form I-94 process and found it saved an estimated 20 seconds for each passenger entering the country. At this time, the current Form I-94 change only applies to nonimmigrants entering by air or sea and not to those entering by land.

How does Form I-94 affect your entry and exit?

Upon entry, the CBP official scans the passport, which uploads the I-94 information, and stamps your passport with the entry date, type of admission and required exit date. When you leave the country, the CBP official scans your passport, electronically recording the exit. If you initially received a paper Form I-94, then you must present the form to the CBP official when you leave the U.S.
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