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Immigration Attorney for Investors

Investors are good for the U.S. economy because they bring foreign funds into the United States, create new jobs in the U.S. economy and bring in entrepreneurial talent.

The Law Offices of KahBo Dye-Chiew works with business employers and corporations of all sizes that seek the benefits of U.S. commerce.

We offer a variety of assistance in order to help companies achieve the immigration needs to allow investors to enter to oversee their business operations or to transfer executives, managers and other specialized knowledge individuals to work in the U.S. subsidiaries or affiliates.

For these companies, the Law Offices of KahBo Dye-Chiew offers the following services:

  • Classification as a multinational corporation
  • Classification as a treaty-investor corporation

Business immigration laws

Ms. Dye-Chiew, business immigration attorney, assists investors in securing nonimmigrant and immigrant visas to enable these investors or their trusted employees to enter the United States such as the following:

  • Intra-company transferees (L) Visas, which allow multinational organizations to move their executive, managerial or essential employees to work for its related organizations in the United States; or
  • Treaty-Investor (E-2) Visas, which allow investors who are nationals of certain countries to enter the United States to oversee their investment into the United States or to allow supervisory or specialized knowledge employees of a company which has invested in the United States and who are nationals of the same country to enter the United States to assist the investor in overseeing the investment.
  • Classification of other foreign nationals in other appropriate nonimmigrant or immigrant based visa categories as necessary to ensure the optimum employees for the U.S. Company. Please see: Immigration Law for Professionals.

To learn more about business immigration laws for investors, please read the following:

Ms. Dye-Chiew, one of Woodward and White’s Best Lawyers in America®, personally attends to every client she serves. She is the sole point of contact for professionals who need a trusted partner to help reach their immigration goals. Ms. Dye-Chiew’s personal and professional immigration experience allows her to provide exceptional service to her business clients.

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