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Obtaining a Green Card/Permanent Residence for International Executives and Managers

The Law Offices of KahBo Dye-Chiew assists clients with securing visas for foreign executives.  Once an executive has a permanent resident card (often referred to as a green card), the executive may live and work in the United States for as long as they wish for the U.S. to be their permanent residence.


Applicants must meet a number of requirements to qualify for this type of classification generally including the following:

  • The applicant must be applying to work at a U.S. employer that is active and has been established for at least one year. Detailed proof of activity and existence must be provided.
  • The foreign employer of the applicant must be outside the U.S. and must be active and conducting systematic and regular operations. Detailed proof must be shown regarding the ongoing business activity of the employer. The foreign employer must remain an active organization during the EB-1 application process.
  • The foreign employer and the U.S. employer must be related entities. Parent, affiliate organizations or subsidiary organizations are related entities.
  • The applicant must show that they were working for the foreign employer for at least one year in an executive or managerial capacity. Those applicants who do not reside in the U.S. must show that the one year of continuous employment occurred within the last three years. Applicants who are currently in the U.S. must be currently working for the U.S. employer and must have worked in the executive or managerial position for the foreign employer for at least one year within the three-year period immediately prior to entry into the U.S.
  • The applicant must provide evidence that the employment by the U.S. employer is in a managerial or executive capacity.
  • The U.S. employer must show it has the ability to pay the applicant both at the time the applicant files for a green card and when the application for the green card is approved. As part of this process, the U.S. employer must file copies of its tax returns or audited financial statements.

When an applicant qualifies for this type of green card, a spouse and children under 21 can also file for green cards as dependents. The Applicant, Spouse and Children will be lawful permanent residents of the United States.

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